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The Story of Tramonti

In the summer of 1960 on a beautiful sunny day on the Italian Coast of Amalfi Luigi Gino Silvestri was having an espresso at one of the hotels perched along a cliff in the town of A'gerola where he would meet for the first time his future wife Anna Maria Savastano. The hotel was one actually being engineered & built by Anna Maria father, Beneventura! After few more visits by Gino to the hotel that week, they soon started to formally date while teenagers! Soon after that they where both on their way sailing from Napoli to New York to do as so many European immigrants of their generation have done & follow the "American Dream"! While struggling to adapt to the new lifestyle in America & working in hot kitchens and factories for very little money, they decided to head back home to their family & friends & return to a life of simple merchants. However, before the ship was to depart on that day they decided to check out New Yorks Little Italy district. After a few hours of walking around & probably feeling more at home speaking their native tongue along side the people, shops & restaurants around the area,  they noticed a for sale sign of one of the many restaurants there. They decided to walk in and inquire about it. Within a few hours & probably over some good wine & food the deal was done. They, along with one of  Anna Maria sisters Vincenza & her husband Giovanni, became proprietors of the now famed Angelo's of Mulberry Street!  Neither of them at the time speaking any English they somehow managed to communicate to their customers through the love & passion of food & wine! Offering their customers food that they were raised on, eating simple home cooked traditional Neapolitan southern cuisine, fresh ingredient comfort food & "Grandmas" recipes. Today, Angelo's is still in full family operation  and has survived the ever changing New York restaurant scene & competition!
Many years later, Gino & Anna looking to escape the winters of the Northeast they took a vacation to south east Florida to visit some friends in the town of Delray Beach and just fell in love with the climate and area. Soon after, they decided to buy a winter home in the area they soon started to speak of opening another Italian Ristorante concept on the tree lined Blvd in downtown Delray's Atlantic Avenue. And, sure enough in 2004 the concept became a reality. Together, along with their son as Executive Chef di Cucina , they have created a winning recipe of fine dining establishment with substantial interior & exterior seating, full bar, extensive wine list & and ever changing daily & seasonal specials! 
Today, Gino & Anna are no longer with us, but their dream & legacy still remains strong under the direction of their son,  Alessandro Re Lucertola!  Never to forget his parents dreams, talent, ambition & love of their family, and their undying passion, commitment & dedication on satisfying the thousands of customers over the years, I have committed and dedicated myself to continue to carry on their legacy and offer customers an unforgettable dining experience for many more years to come! 
We hope you will feel, taste & see the passion and dedication to our cuisine and service as you dine with us, from Italia to New York & now to South Florida! We wish you a great and healthy appetite & thank you for your patronage! 
Grazie Mille e Buon Appetito! 

Written by:  Alessandro ReLucertola

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